Missing in Action – Not!

By the lack of updates to this blog, one would think that I’ve been MIA. Truthfully, I’ve been deeply embroiled with the next project delivery for snapWONDERS.com and has been taking most of my spare time (whatever is left).

I must say I am pretty excited about the delivery of the project and excited to see it launch. And we’re getting closer to the end.

The project requires some key elements mainly with a focus on:

  • Digital media
  • Steganography
  • Machine Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence
  • Strong encryption
  • Data packing

If you are not sure what is “steganography” then you can read about it in an article that I wrote which summaries it well at https://snapwonders.com/resources/an-introduction-to-steganography

Stay safe where-ever you are, may peace be with you – Kenneth

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